My future with Social Media

My learning outcomes from a day and a half with @podnosh and colleagues.

Firstly I must say I was impressed by the energy and engagement of the crew.


I think my learning lessons are that

1) if in doubt try a new app or website service. A blog post with all the tools mentioned would be ace

2) I realise now more than ever that this is a two way environment. I have often used google to solve questions. But I should think about using twitter as this seems a much more engaging way of working

3) I am keen to develop a blog or blogs and was worried about whether to combine my separate interests as I felt they might weaken my image. I am now less worried about that because I might just be that person who links two different communities

4) new tools include deliciousDelicious, hootsuite, and google trends

5) I am convinced of the power of images, this workshop has shown me that video and audio are even more powerful and that I should use these more often. I post photos under the name of pawprintz and have just discovered that people are using them on blogs etc for instance which was news to me.

6) I need to upgrade my smart phone to ensure I can grab video as and when. The iPad is not easy enough

7) I must just find time to play more and engage more

8) and finally this is great


One thought on “My future with Social Media

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